Flue gas pipeline renewal in Aluminium production plant

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ALU - 1

ALU - 2

ALU - 3

ALU - 4

This was an assignment regarding the redesign of the flue gas carrying pipeline between rotary furnaces and the chimney as new needs emerged.

My duty was:

  • build 3D model of existing structures,
  • design new construction as discussed,
  • produce assembly and part drawings for documentation.





verX I also participated in the design of variants, to find the most advantageous solution.
prt dwg

Example of part drawing.

Assembly of sheet metal parts.

This elbow transition section I suggested allowed us to come up with a compact design.

By this solution work could be narrowed to only a single level inside the building, while leaving existing parts one level below intact.

Segments are manufacturable from bended metal sheets.

flat ptrn DXFs or DWGs of flat patterns for cutting.