My first emloyer was a steel structure manufacturer.

In the beginning the task was mainly administrative, but soon I was supporting production with drawings to achieve a more efficient process. Later I had the chance to work on-site.


Bottom of silo, made up of two excentric cones, approx. 5m in height and diameter.

I had to provide flat patterns for cutting of sheets and construct lines for edge bending.


Tank roof erection from premanufactured parts.

6400 square meter glazed roof erection.

On-site job, including guidance of daily work, crane operations, etc.


Custom made rectangular tube steel structure members were fabricated using procurer provided flat patterns to be printed out, taken on thick wall welded rectangular tubes and both ends cutted to desired shape.

Some of these did not fit in their designated position. Working backward from flat pattern and utilizing other drawings for assembly I managed to reveal flaws of flat patterns. This method showed the difference between length of member given on assembly drawing and the one that could be manufactured by provided data.

Demonstration was accepted by procurer.