Engineering documentation database development, management.

My recent job, as the employee of a subcontractor for a U.S. based multinational company.

In case of this project main scope of duties were to build 3D assemblies consisting several thousand parts, to act as a base of engineering documentation database as a solid package. Also the intention was to eliminate flaws of 3D documentation and therefore in production drawings. The aim was to create a more reliable, up to date database for some production lines.

Upon this package renewed assembly drawings were created, as well as datasheets for ERP system to allow a more comprehensive collaboration of different departments.

Soon my task involved the coordination of cooperation between the procurer and my company and also the processes within my company, as well as the revision of assemblies and drawings, to achieve a higher standard.

On behalf of the procurer the project was recognized as a significant achievement, delivered efficiently.


Manegement of database goes on on a daily basis.


Beside above mentioned tasks, the role also includes design engineering.

As an example you may see this chute hopper.

Made up from steel plates, external supporting angle iron frame, divided into manageable parts. Height: 4m.

Existing part of factory, 3D model for proposed development.